Top Schools in Nagaland by HSLC results (Last 5 years)

#State RankSchoolDistrictTotal Toppers
11Mezh├╝r Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima32
22Little Star Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur19
32Holy Cross Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur19
44Pranab Vidyapith Hr.Sec.SchoolDimapur16
55St. Paul Higher Secondary SchoolDimapur14
66St. Mary's Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur12
77Don Bosco Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur11
88Fernwood SchoolKohima10
99Ram Janaki Hr.Sec.SchoolDimapur9
109S.D. Jain Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur9
1111Christian Higher Secondary SchoolDimapur8
1313Little Flower Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima7
1413Queen Mary Hr. Sec. SchoolMokokchung7
1515Stella Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima6
1616Pilgrim Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur5
1716St. Joseph's Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur5
1818The Vineyard SchoolKohima4
1918St.John Hr.Sec.Residential SchoolDimapur4
2018Don Bosco Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima4
2121Vidhya Bhawan Hr.sec. SchoolDimapur3
2221Christina Memorial Hr.Sec.SchoolDimapur3
2321Don Bosco Hr.Sec.SchoolWokha3
2421Ministers' Hill Baptist Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima3
2626Trinity SchoolKohima2
2726Model Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima2
2826Children SchoolMokokchung2
2926St.John's SchoolKohima2
3026St.John's Hr.Sec.SchoolTuensang2
3126Libemo Memorial SchoolWokha2
3226Baptist Mission SchoolKohima2
3326Chandmari Hr. Sec. SchoolKohima2
3426Greenwood SchoolDimapur2
3526Coraggio SchoolKohima2
3626Saramati View Modern SchoolKiphire2
3726St. Mary's Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur2
3826Dimapur Mission Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur2
3926St.Peter's SchoolKohima2
4026Saint Savio SchoolDimapur2
4126St.John's Hr.Sec.SchoolMon2
4242Don Bosco Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima1
4342Saint John's SchoolDimapur1
4442Bethesda Hr.Sec.SchoolDimapur1
4542Saint John's SchoolDimapur1
4642Green Valley SchoolMon1
4742Holy Family Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima1
4842Holy Angel SchoolTuensang1
4942Don Bosco SchoolKohima1
5042Little Flower SchoolDimapur1
5142Royal Foundation SchoolPhek1
5242Lima Aier Hr.Sec.SchoolDimapur1
5342Edith Douglas Hr.Sec.SchoolMokokchung1
5442Straightway Hr. Sec. SchoolMokokchung1
5542Bethel Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima1
5642Holy Child SchoolDimapur1
5742Greenwood Hr.Sec.SchoolDimapur1
5842Carewell SchoolDimapur1
5942Zakiesato Memorial Hr. Sec. SchoolDimapur1
6042El-shaddai AcademyDimapur1
6142Town Hr.Sec.SchoolMokokchung1
6242C.D.King Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima1
6342Tewelhi Medo Tyrannus Hr.Sec.SchoolPhek1
6442Baptist Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima1
6542Mewi Hr. Sec. SchoolKohima1
6642Regimental SchoolKohima1
6742Little Daffodils Hr.Sec.SchoolDimapur1
6842Baptist HighKohima1
6942Christian Standard Hr.Sec.SchoolMokokchung1
7042Alderville Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima1
7142St.Mary's SchoolMon1
7242St.Mary's Cathedral Hr.Sec.SchoolKohima1
7342Sacred Heart SchoolMon1
7442Spring Dale SchoolWokha1
7542Eden Hr.Sec.SchoolDimapur1
7642Shekinah SchoolDimapur1
7742Transforming Lives AcademyPeren1

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