Wokha HSLC/HSSLC Toppers Summary

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Top schools in Wokha by total HSLC toppers (Last 5 years)

Topper List

Subject Toppers

12023HSLCLothaMHAYIBENI T. ODYUOFernbrook School98
22023HSLCSocial SciencesCHUMLANTHUNG M. TSANGLAOFernbrook School100
32023HSLCSocial SciencesMUGUVOLU NIENUDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School100
42023HSLCSocial SciencesNOYINGRHONI R. KHUVUNGFernbrook School100
52023HSLCSocial SciencesJANDENO L. OVUNGFernbrook School100
62023HSLCSocial SciencesSULANTHUNG E TSOPOEFernbrook School100
72023HSSLCI T Enabled ServiceDEVI THAPAGovt.Hr.Sec.School99
82023HSSLCLothaJENIBEMO Y KIKONDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School94
92022HSLCAgricultureE BENRY HUMTSOEGovt.Hr.Sec.School77
102022HSLCEnvironmental EducationSUSAN Z KIKONLibemo Memorial School100
112022HSLCLothaWONCHIBEMO S ODYUOIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
122022HSLCLothaERENBENI T EZUNGIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
132022HSLCLothaSENKHATHUNG S PATTONFernbrook School99
142022HSLCLothaSHANCHOTHUNG EZUNGIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
152022HSLCLothaCHICHANBENI EZUNGIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
162022HSLCLothaNYANCHUMI Z KIKONIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
172022HSLCLothaCHANJANO Z KIKONIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
182022HSLCLothaGRACE LOTHAIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
192022HSLCLothaAYENI C TSANGLAOIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
202022HSLCLothaEYILOBENI OVUNGIsaiah Ability Hr. Sec. School99
212022HSLCMathematicsKHONZANI N ODYUOSpring Dale School100
222022HSLCScienceNYANMONGO S NGULLIEIsaiah Ability School100
232022HSLCSocial SciencesNYANMONGO S NGULLIEIsaiah Ability School100
242022HSLCSocial SciencesMHONCHONI Y TUNGOEPerennial School100
252022HSLCSocial SciencesVUNGTHUNGO V KITHANPerennial School100
262022HSSLCLothaTUMCHOBENI Y PATTONDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School97
272021HSLCLothaRHONDENO P YANTHANDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School99
282021HSSLCI T Enabled ServiceROSY O EZUNGGovt.Hr.Sec.School94
292021HSSLCLothaEMILO A TSOPOEDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School95
302020HSLCFITMHANKABEMO Z OVUNGDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School100
312020HSLCLothaKIDENO S ODYUODon Bosco Hr.Sec.School99
322020HSLCScienceMHANKABEMO Z OVUNGDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School100
332020HSLCSocial SciencesKHEPHOTHUNG V JAMIDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School100
342020HSLCSocial SciencesMHANKABEMO Z OVUNGDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School100
352019HSLCLothaYACHUMARO Z KIKONDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School97
372019HSSLCLothaSUBENRO N NGULLIEDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School93
382018HSLCLothaBIDENO M MURRYIsaiah Ability School94
392018HSLCSocial SciencesYIBONI T EZUNGLibemo Memorial School100
402018HSSLCLothaORENVUNGI S NGULLIEDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School91
412017HSLCInformation TechnologyKHONZANI L YANTHANDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School79
422017HSLCLothaJANDENO S PATTONDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School96
432017HSLCLothaPYINGJANO S LOTHAIsaiah Ability School96
442017HSLCLothaWONCHIPENI C SHITIRIDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School96
452017HSLCLothaTHUNGJANBENI N NGULLIEDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School96
462017HSLCMathematicsAAKASH TIWARISpring Dale School100
472017HSSLCLothaMHONBENI K EZUNGDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School89
482016HSLCHindiRANJAN KUMAR THAKUR7th Bn.NAP Unit School98
492016HSLCLothaZUJANO T NGULLIEDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School93
502016HSSLCLothaR MYANBEMO KITHANDon Bosco Hr.Sec.School85

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